The “Clan Of FrEqOuT” Is Looking For Serious Members (Clash Of Clans)

Leader: FrEqOuT
Co-leaders: Josh, Firefighting, Baghdad Bad Boy, and JRP_SNIPERO
Clan tag #V22UJ80V
Currently: 02-03-01

Clan Of FrEqOuT Welcome Video

Welcome fellow clashers. Some info about this clan. I speak English and French, and I’m based in Canada. Donations must be frequent, for example (500 per Cycle). Specific donation request must be respected. Wars will go on back to back, and will likely start at 07:00 PM UTC/PDT Pacific time (Vancouver). All ages are welcome so as long as you’re active and respect other members. No childish behavior please.

For Elder promotions, you need to only donate 100 per Cycle. Co-leader promotions will be decided by how you participate and contribute. For example, if you’re serious and active, you will be promoted. One thing you should not do, don’t rush your Town Hall. Make sure you upgraded most of your defenses and resources first.

Clan Motto:

We Back 2 Back War you Know the Score…
Donate to Avoid hate and Get Promoted Mate.
Don’t ask to be an Elder Earn the Right.

If All goes well…You’ll be Co Leader – Alright

I am at Town Hall 8. Troops I could donate so far are: L5 Barbarians, L5 Archers, L4 Giants, L4 Balloons, L5 Wizards, L2 Healers, L3 Dragons, L2 Minions, and L1 Hog Riders. I will help any new players and we will help each other rise.

If you’re interested, joining is simple. Send us a request. Clan name is (Clan Of FrEqOuT), clan tag is (#V22UJ80V). Any other questions, feel free to reply on this thread. Thanks for your time.


Clan members so far as of 04/22/2015.

Current war stats as of 04/22/2015.

My village.

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Sweet New Paintball Video I Made :-)

GoPro HD: First Person Shooter Paintball Safari Ridge July 2014

Filmed with GoPro HD Hero 2 “1080p 30fps”, and GoPro Hero 3, Black Edition “1080p 60fps” @ Safari Ridge Adventure Paintball, West Kelowna, BC. My camera was mounted on the stock of my gun. Check out my Facebook Page for camera mounting details including Photos. Visit – PaintballGunGoProMount

Music – Here’s Some Of The Bass by 8o8inSquares.
Video – FrEqOuT Productions.

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YouTube Video by Gary Fauvelle.


My New Time Lapse Video

GoPro HD: Myra Canyon Trestles Time Lapse

Mountain biking through the Myra Canyon Trestles. Filmed in June 2014, with my GoPro Hero 3, Black Edition “1080p 60fps”, and Played 2000% faster. Enjoy.
For more details about this awesome place, visit Tourism Kelowna –

Music – Living in BeerSheva by 8o8inSquares.
Video – FrEqOuT Productions. Don’t forget to watch in HD.
Location – Myra Canyon Trestles, Kettle Valley Rail Trail, Kelowna, BC.

Special thanks to 8o8inSquares.
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My New YouTube Channel Trailer

FrEqOuT Productions Channel Trailer

A compilation of my videos made into a trailer. FrEqOuT Productions makes videos about first person paintball, travelling, snowboarding, tutorials, animals, and anything entertaining.

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Music – Ghosts among the Ruins by O Maille.
Video – FrEqOuT Productions. Don’t forget to watch in HD.

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Snorkelling Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

GoPro HD: Hanauma Bay Snorkelling, O’ahu Hawaii 2014

Hanauma is a a bay formed within a volcanic cone and located along the southeast coast of the Island of Oʻahu (just east of Honolulu) in the Hawaiian Islands. Hanauma Bay is known for its abundance of Green sea turtles, Chelonia mydas, known as Honu.

In this video – My girlfriend Lori, her sister Lisa, myself, one Green Sea Turtle (Honu), and lots of fish. Filmed in May 2014, with my GoPro Hero 3, Black Edition “1080p 60fps”.

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Music – Change by 8o8inSquares.
YouTube Video by Gary Fauvelle.

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