New Version Of A Snowboard Video I Uploaded In December 2011

I had to re upload this video with a different song. YouTube removed my original version because of the music I used. Hopefully this song choice is ok.

GoPro HD: Snowboarding With Friends At Big White BC (Remake)

A short video I made at Big White on opening day. Filmed with GoPro HD Hero Original “720P 30fps”.
YouTube Video by Gary Fauvelle.


Simple Solution for GoPro HD Original, GoPro 2, And GoPro 3 From Freezing!

I bought a GoPro HD Original camera back in 2011. After installing new firmware at that time, my GoPro would simply freeze after a few seconds of recording. It was very frustrating, because I tried every possible troubleshooting tip I could find, and nothing seemed to work. I even got a hold of GoPro’s technical support, and the only thing they could recommend was, exchange it for a new one.

I know it seems annoying that you might need a new GoPro, but trust me. It’s the only way you could get back to filming your videos without going insane and smashing it to pieces. I spent most of winter 2011 with it freezing in the middle of filming, then removing the battery, just to see it freeze again. My camera, as well as many others were simply duds and needed to be exchanged for new ones. GoPro will not charge you for a new camera as long as you have your warranty.

I just want to note that some problems with your GoPro could be fixed by troubleshooting techniques, but if it freezes constantly, don’t wast your time. Since I replaced my dud GoPro with a new one. I have had zero problems with it freezing and have made lots of videos for my YouTube channel. I simply enjoy using my GoPro now without worry.

GoPro on Get Satisfacti​on!

This is a response to Luke Anderson — Why does my 1080 freeze up and not record? The only fix is removing the battery.

Big White, Feb 2014.